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How Online B2C Travel Portal Grow Your Business Revenue?

travel portal development companyOnline travel business is growing day by day. According to a research, over 50% travelers purchase their products online. The online Travel Market is estimated to garner $1091 billion by 2022, registering a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 11.1% during the forecast period of 2016-2022. Online travel providers facilitate the travelers in their travel planning and bookings. There are three important aspects of travel market–speedy and convenient way of bookings flight and hotels, trust in online payment and ability to compare various available travel options.

Benefits of white label travel portal solution for travel agency

travel portal development companyIf there is one thing you do today, get your travel business online. Everyone are talking of going online. Provide yourself and your agents with their own B2B/B2C booking consist of many components assembled to get your one stop travel software and travel technology, to automate travel business process and configured in many ways to meet your business goals. Here's what you'll get.

What is the relevance of GDS integrated system in the enhancement of the travel business?

travel portal development company in delhiTravel agencies are facing unparalleled challenges from the competitors. It was able to transform the distribution, buying and selling aspects in the travel market. Global Distribution System (GDS) will let your business stay ahead of the competition and exhibit a steady growth in the travel business. GDS is considered as the primary reservation tool for travel agents.

7 Reasons to Start a Home-Based Travel Business

travel portal development company in delhiIs starting your own business on the list of goals you set out for yourself for 2017? If you have not yet made your mind up on what that business is going to be, I am here to make a case for why you should consider starting a home-based travel business. Of course, this is not for the overly ambitious entrepreneur that has a grand plan to raise millions of dollars in funding to try his hand at creating the next multi-billion dollar empire.

Why white label travel portal is recommended for the start-up Travel Company?

travel portal development company in delhiBusiness is always a risk. While going for a new investment, the person can never be sure that whether he is going to get profit out of it or will be at loss. The same thought and the same dilemma goes in the travel portal start up as well. Travel industry is a field that lures the investors. Businessman thinks it is an easy investment and easy return business.

How To Approach A Reliable And Trustworthy Travel Portal Development Company

Travel Booking AgentThe travel world is actually very vast and at the meantime it is much complicated as well. There are many demands and desires of the industry and the business owner hence needs to constantly keep on improving on the required aspects. For ruling the industry the travel portal is required to have all the modern solutions in the same and nothing but the travel portal development company could provide with this software solution

Increase your online Travel Product Sale through travel website

Travel Booking AgentMostly, people look for a safe and secure career where there is guarantee of getting a promised amount as salary at the end of the month. But with present time the trend is changing. The hype to get into a 9 to 5 job is diminishing with each passing day. With the government being so helpful towards people interested in opening a start up, young people are today more interested in setting up their own business and being their own boss.

4 simple ways in which you can improve the sales happening through your travel website?

Travel Booking AgentIt is always important that you develop a website or an app to improve the sales of your business. Online presence of your travel company has to be managed in such a way that you don’t miss any opportunity that can knock at your door at anytime. For that, you need to follow 4 simple ways to improve the sales happening through your travel website.....

online Travel Technology - 8 Key Benefits of Online Booking System

Travel Booking AgentAn Online Booking System helps travel management companies to provide their customers & their sub-agents with an online solution for their travel needs. It brings in efficiency and helps both the agency and the corporate working with the agency to reduce costs in terms of time and money. Below are 8 key benefits of having your own online travel portal......

Online Booking Solution for B2B and B2C Travel Agencies

Travel Booking AgentTourism agencies noticed that most of the people in recent choose web medium to make their tour arrangements, and the online bookings have been increasing year-by-year. So they have witnessed Online Booking Solution will be a productive business in the e-business industry. Online travel portals play a very important role especially in tourism sector by benefiting both e business and customer. offers Online Booking Solution for Flights, Hotels, Sight-Seeing, Transfers, and Cars etc.....

Grow your online travel business through travel web portal website

Travel Booking AgentMostly, people look for a safe and secure career where there is guarantee of getting a promised amount as salary at the end of the month. But with present time the trend is changing. The hype to get into a 9 to 5 job is diminishing with each passing day. With the government being so helpful towards people interested in opening a start up, young people are today more interested in setting up their own business and being their own boss. ....

Become Online Flight Booking Agent

Travel Booking AgentOnline Agents having ten years of experience in flight booking’s so it comes as no surprise that his international travel agency specializes in offering the best prices on cheap flights to India, By offering business fares and vacation packages attractive to today’s travelers to India, Online Agents ties to businesses in India companies and International companies too....

Benefits of online travel portal development for Travel Industry

Travel Booking AgentGaining the brand presence is very essential to fuel the expansion of your travel business. A smart approach and a powerful one, that defines the future state of travel industry is a well-designed travel portal. The Internet has robust potential and it can promote all major industries across the field without any boundaries including Travel and Tourism sector. This sector is further demanding and fruitful as people are more likely to discover the beauty and mysterious things of god available on earth......

Travel Agencies, Tour Operators are focussing on responsive travel website design and mobile app development initiatives

Travel Booking AgentAs reports suggest, more and more travellers, especially the youngsters, tend to book their flights and hotels through their smartphones. In a report published some time back “Tap into mobile: managed travel in the digital economy, an investigation into the impact of mobile in the managed travel space.” It predicts travel bookings through mobile will greatly increase in the next ten years. Travel agencies will use latest mobile technology to deal with their travelers. By 2017, mobile booking will increase to 32%.........

Travelers Choosing Mobile devices for easier bookings

Travel Booking AgentAccording to travel flash report, during the first six months of 2016, a staggering 70% of travelers booked their reservations on mobile devices, which was a 20% increase over the previous year’s count. Due to the fast and handy nature of mobile devices, travelers prefer this method for making bookings, rather than having to call a hotel for bookings. The market research firm upwardly adjusted its second quarter forecast for mobile bookings to reflect the fact that travelers are growing increasingly........

Travel and Tourism Portal Website Design Company in Delhi NCR

Travel Booking AgentTourism in India is economically important and is growing rapidly. It is growing at an exponential rate and will keep growing. Consumers are more informed now and want information regarding their travel, stay and sightseeing etc at their finger tips. This is where the travel and tourism websites come in to picture. A website catering to the needs to end users who plan and book their tickets or hotels or want to know places to visit in a particular month of the year – is the Travel and Tourism Portal website........

How to be become IRCTC authorized ticket booking agent with TBA

Travel Booking AgentIRCTC Agents can book unlimited number of Tickets, No bank account is required, cash can be deposited in principal agent bank account. Issue authorized tickets, without fear of ticket cancellation, IRCTC agents can book Tatkal tickets after 30min of general public opening time.......

Get Your Own Travel Portal with API Integration to Boost Your travel Business

Travel Booking AgentIn today’s fast growing world, smart phones are gaining a lot of importance. This has given rise to many mobile apps. Application Program Interface Integration can be used to build travel guides, maps and routes and things that help tourist locate a particular place. It also can be used to find picnic spots, landmarks, historical places, restaurants and other important places. This helps tourist to find places with just a click.......

How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency Business?

Travel Booking AgentDo you love to travel or have the passion for travel? Become a travel agent and start your own home based travel business! Take advantage of one of the most exciting business opportunities available. Our easy start up program provides travel agent training, marketing support, discount travel and support from our staff......

Get the Best B2C white Label Travel Portal Solutions in Delhi

flight reservationsB2c travel solutions are the next big thing in India. Mainly there are two modes by which any travel agency operates. One is B2C – Business to Consumer, where the Travel Agency is looking to sell their travel inventories to only end customers which are the consumers who will buy tickets or book hotels etc....

World’s leading Travel Booking Engine Technology Provider

flight reservationsAs we have entered the latter part of 2014, the demand for travel booking engine technology and travel portal development has been on the rise. Travel portals have to keep pace with the current trends in the travel world: airports turning more pleasurable: tech gadgets get tiny in size and more smart; new websites to allow you to find more local destinations, e.g., private dinner parties; hotels to.......

Quick Flight bookings in single page beneficial for Agents

flight reservationsWe’re excited to introduce our another new feature Quick Flights. We’re sure you and your Agents will love this. We have just added new feature Quick Flights which is the easiest and smartest way to manage your bookings online anytime, anywhere. What makes Quick Flights so convenient, is that Bookings done in one single page!!! So do all your bookings and make your transactions from the convenience of your time with Quick Flights.

Using the internet for making flight reservations

flight reservationsModern man is a busy body. He is busy with work, tired when he gets home and is caught up with keeping up with social life and family life if there is any. The modern man is not without his phone, his laptop and his gadgets to communicate and to get connected. The modern man, without electronic gadgets would not be able to juggle a hectic lifestyle. That is the reason why the internet has become a dominant element in the current times. Everything can be done over the internet and there is no stopping this amazing entity. The modern man can get great benefits from the internet and one of them is to secure some cheap tickets for plane rides.

Getting the best cheap Flights at IndiaFly

Flight TicketSometimes, for the busy executive, things can get too crowded with tasks that simple tasks need to be reminded over and over again. You need to be organized and you also need to find a way to keep track with your busy business schedules. Apart from that, you also need to fly back and forth to various meetings with partners and international conventions as part of your job. It is a fun job, you do not complain but having to work like this is only possible because there is the internet that can help you be a one man show in a busy corporate world and with that, IndiaFly offers great services for your needs.

Why waste money, when you can have your own travel portal

Flight TicketGaining the brand presence is very important to fuel the growth of your travel business. A smart approach and a powerful one, that defines the future state of travel industry is a well-designed travel portal. Most of you, owning travel agencies, spend huge chunks of money in adopting expensive ways to build your travel portal and promote them. As a result, not only will you fail to optimise your travel business process, but also you are a key stoke away in adopting cost effective methods. Hence one of the best ways to have an optimised and user friendly booking tools is adopting a right travel software solutions.

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